28 sep. 2017

Anna Maria om Skrivande röster 2

I am featured in BIMA förlags “Writing voices 2”. It is a follow-up of a first book by Maria Bielke von Sydow’s success Skrivande röster, which was named the best non-fiction book of the autumn by Adlibris (the Swedish main on-line book retailer) in 2015, the year it was first published. In Skrivande röster 2, Maria writes about the same writer’s group and brings new suggestions on what you can write.
Among other things there is a chapter on haiku, for which I was interviewed. The book is a fantastic inspiration for everyone who wishes to write. I would have liked to see the mora 5-7-5 not featuring quite so prominently in the book, but I am very grateful to be allowed to be an advisor for such a lovely volume on writing.
- Anna Maris
läs hela inlägget på Maris blogg, där finns många spännande inlägg om bla Haiku  https://annamaris.wordpress.com/2017/09/27/haiku-i-skrivande-roster-2/

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